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How Does Rootique Work in Hair Loss Prevention?

Hair is a common feature in humans, several mammals, and a few other species, too. The origin of hair was the result of evolution in different species and it has served varying functions. In humans, the hair could protect you from harmful sun rays, keep you warm, and even help in selecting a mate.

While everyone loves luscious and rich hair, it is important to recognize that hair loss is a real danger. According to studies, over 60% of men struggle with hair loss before reaching 40 years. Women too, are not exempt as more than half of women deal with hair loss at some point in their lives.

Different solutions have been created over time to help combat the scourge of hair loss. Unfortunately, many of these treatment solutions rarely bear fruit. Those remedies that work also require high amounts of consistency in application.

Fortunately, you can say goodbye to all your hair loss issues. Thanks to the new and revolutionary Rootique, you can rest easy with a full head of hair. What exactly is this revolutionary solution to hair loss, and most importantly, how does Rootique work, and who is it for? Read on to learn how to permanently eliminate hair loss in your life.


Do you need to worry about hair loss?

Every problem feels like a foreign concept until it hits close to home. It is not exactly clear why different species evolved to grow hair in various body parts. However, what is certain is that the hair needs constant replenishment.

Depending on the hair type and region of growth, hair can last anywhere from a few months to just over a year. Nonetheless, this means the hair needs to be replaced when it’s worn or falls off. If the hair replacement pace is slower than the loss rate, you will experience gradual thinning. Over time, this will develop into patches of hairless regions.

As noted in the study above, well over half of the entire population is likely to encounter hair loss. This could occur at any point in your life. Hair loss may also be speed up by different lifestyle habits. For example, heating your hair for long will weaken it more quickly.

Eating a diet poor in proteins and other essential components can also be damaging to your hair. Brushing it when wet, tightening it too hard when styling it, and overwriting it can all damage your hair. These dangers highlight the importance of caring for your hair from different aspects.

So, while you may not be struggling with hair loss at this particular moment, you can’t exactly rule it out from your future. The best you can do is adopt a hair healthy approach. Try and care for your hair in various facets. Additionally, getting a Rootique Duo and starting the recommended applications will protect your hair while it’s still healthy, luscious, and rich. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save the remaining hair on your head.


How can you prevent hair loss?

As formerly mentioned, it is better to care for your hair than to start treatment after hair loss occurs. Luckily, there’s already a ton of advice on how you can improve your hair health and avoid complications like thinning.

Some of the ways you can care for hair include:

●      Understanding your hair type and what works best for it.

●      Clean your hair to remove dead skin, product residue, and remnants like chlorine from swimming pools.

●      Avoid regular application of chemical rich products on your hair.

●      Eat a balanced diet enriched with components like amino acids and proteins.

●      Limit the amount of heat your hair is exposed to.

●      Use proven products like Rootique Duo.

●      Consult a hair professional if you have any concerns regarding your hair.


How does Rootique work?

If you keep updated regarding hair loss solutions, you’ve likely heard of Rootique. The brand has been hailed for bringing viable hair loss solutions to the market. While relatively new, the new and patented Rootique Duo is already the talk of town.

Rootique Duo is the first revolutionary companion to help you fight hair loss. The device completely changes how you apply hair loss solutions to your head. Now, you can be sure the solution you’re trying to apply will get to the root of every hair follicle on your head.

 The gadget has a patented design called the IntelliMist tech and DuoTrace systems. These work together to ensure every hair is carefully tended to. You can now forget having to rub the hair loss treatment on your scalp with your fingers. With the new technology, every hair gets an equal amount of the solution without agitating it.

To start using the Rootique Duo device, all you need to do is load it with your preferred hair loss solution. The gadget will ensure a uniform application. The device also facilitates the spreading of the solution as you move it around the surface.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of Rootique is how fast you’ll be done. This entire process used to take half an hour if you’re fast. And even then, you still risk missing some parts. With Rootique Duo, you’ll be done applying the hair loss solution in a record 15 seconds. This means you can apply it on the way out, in the car, as you wait for someone, before speed, and virtually any time you desire.


How can you get Rootique Duo?

Since launching, Rootique has been bombarded by orders from all over. The device is a true testament to how you can effectively care for your hair in less than a minute, too. All you need to do to get your hands on the revolutionary Rootique Duo is make an order.

The Rootique team is dedicated to assuring you get your device and accompanying components as soon as possible. To improve service delivery, the brand has partnered with leading online retailers and global distributors. This means you can get all Rootique products right from the comfort of your home.

If you’ve been wondering to yourself, 'how does Rootique work?’ you now know just how it can help eliminate the threat of hair loss. Join the multitudes of Rootique clients that boast of its proven and tangible results.

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